Living And Loving Life In Colne, Cambridgeshire

Hi, my name is Edward, and I’m in Colne, a small medieval town in Cambridgeshire, England. Colne is where I met my wife several years ago, and now it’s where I live.colne

We have our two children, a boy, 11 and a girl, 8, and as much as we enjoy travelling whenever we can, we do love our little town we are lucky enough to call home.

Colne is one of the parishes that are in the district of Huntingdonshire. Nearby places of interest include Huntingdon, St Ives, St Neots, Godmanchester, Ramsey, Bluntisham, Earith and Somersham.

There are still quite a few things going on in and around it that make it a great place to visit.

So what can you do in or around Colne?

Well we’ve done quite a few things here but I guess a few favourites, especially if you happen to be just passing through on a visit, would be;

1: Boyce’s Barrel is only one of several good pubs that Colne has to offer, but it is one that is always a pleasure to visit. It is a micro pub that pretty much sets the gold standard of what a pub should be. Friendly people, good food and good ale.

2: Wycoller Village & Country Park is an incredible place to take a walk. Here you will find fascinating ruin, which is supposedly where the inspiration for Charlotte Bronte was born, an idyllic country setting with ancient bridges and a meandering river.

3: Urban Altitude is an outdoor aerial assault course. It is made up of various challenges all designed to test your balance, agility and push you to the outer limits of your comfort zone.

There are plenty of other things to do here and the three things listed above are just some of the places that friends and visitors seem to enjoy. Of course, you could also venture out of Colne and visit some of the other town and parishes I mentioned earlier.

They all have something good to offer.